about 6 years ago

Come On Down

We are now in full swing check-in for Project 34.  We will make sure to accomodate our ChallengePost hackers!


about 6 years ago

Project 34 Entry

As a reminder - please note that ONLY registrants with an eventbrite ticket will be allowed entry - due to the venue and the security involved, we need to keep the process streamlined through one channel.   We have released some tickets to accommodate ChallengePost participants through the main website (even though it says it is sold out)  www.theproject34.com  

We look forward to seeing you soon!




about 6 years ago

Project 34 Tickets

Hello Registrants,

Thank you for signing up for Project 34, it is going to be an amazing event.  This hackathon is currently SOLD OUT - and some of you may not have registered for your ticket through Evenbrite in addition to registering here. 

Please note - you will need an evenbrite ticket to gain entry to Project 34.  If you have not already done so - please register through the "register" button on the main hackahton website:  www.theproject34.com   We have released some spaces currently and will try to accommodate everyone who has previously registered through ChallengePost.

Please do not hesitate…

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over 6 years ago

Judges On One Wheels? ABSOLUTELY!

Because you won't know what to expect during "The Sequence" that is Project 34 - hint:  the ratio is in the logo - we've decided to give you just a taste of how we do things differently at Vectorform - even Hackathons!

Our executive team will be bring our one wheels to the hackathon - so you'll see judges zooming around and checking in on one of the latest devices inspired by the hoverboard!

Check it out here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDSpp1s6gq4